Coffee a day – keeps my sleep away

Whether you call it addiction or not, I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee. I have gone from days with extremely sweetened coffee to no sugar in the coffee. But avoiding caffeine is like a dream I never want it to be true :).

Auckland cbd has some great cute little cafes. Not everyone would agree to me with the fact that Auckland has great cafes, but with what I have tried these were some of the good ones.

@Remedy coffee off Wellesley street opp civic.

Some cafe opposite Spark city off Victoria street.

Same cafe in the strand arcade off queen street.


And yes I am bad at remembering names.


Highway – my way

Highway picturised my way! Light photography is more interesting doing than seeing the photograph. You get to do things when the camera is busy in the bulb!

You get to really enjoy the veiw without the distraction of the camera.

What was I doing during this? Having dinner on a bridge above the highway! Well that’s interesting too 🙂

long exposure photography

Our Dream

I don’t beleive that we can dream alone, I can feel that it is my own for a while but soon realize that it is incomplete without others in it. Others might be playing a very small role but even though tiny they make the whole dream in complete.

Its just like the picture below, every sand, every cloud, the sky and the two people make it complete. Even a single missing piece makes it incomplete.

A dream