Tyranny of choice

Its always been hard to choose. Always in life whenever I ended up in a situation where I have to choose, I’ve made random choices regardless of the consequences. It was never a flip of a coin, but it was never different from that too. I always left it to chance, still life till now has not been bad. “No Complaints though” The real crisis is when choosing is between two options which cannot be lost, or are equal. Its like I want to keep my legs on two boats. 🙂 Sometimes it becomes so hard that choosing randomly itself becomes the most difficult thing. Wish I was a software program that could randomly pick one of those.

I sometimes think if it is the mind that gets occupied so much that it cannot chose or is it really a crisis for anybody ‘dumb or smart’. Sometimes we keep flipping coins in our mind and expect it to give us a third way out instead one of the only two available options. Probably that’s the main reason we are replacing humans with machines, because they can chose. An ability that the humans are least efficient of. Even though human we end up in endless loop where we keep swinging between the two options.

I am still confused what is more fearful‘the consequence’ or ‘the feeling that we failed‘.

Like so many artificially intelligent machines out there, I wish someone could build one for me too to make choices, when in dilemma. I wont mind even if it selects randomly without the pros and con’s. So that if it makes the wrong choice I can claim the warranty for the machine from the manufacturer, saying it doesn’t work as expected.

This makes me remember the movie “The Matrix – Reloaded” the conversation between Neo and the Architect.

Choice… The Problem is Choice


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