Streets in Noir

Streets in a city centre defines how interesting the city is. These are some streets of Auckland from my eyes.




Grey side of life

Hi guys,

This is my first try of light shadow and space, inspired by another photographer. This picture talks about the grey side of life. I wouldn’t call it dark as we have all been through these moments where we are not sure of the likelihood of how long we would stay there. And we end up coming out of these hollow spaces. Guess it makes us a better person.


Growing Up…

A lot changes as we grow up, I believe the 3 windows in the image (left to right) is the perfect example of what happens in each stage of our lives.

Left – Young lives we are either outside or always at home, windows are not the thing we look for.

Centre – We grow older and start settling down on windows with the urge to go out but our responsibilities keep us at the windows.

Right – We are too old to even think about peeping out.

Enjoy till you are on the first window 🙂

GrowingUP - Left to Right

Growing Up