Fire inside me


The sun has set

But there is fire inside me

There is a storm brewing

And fear inside me

I am not sure for how long

But the rain is not going to be forever

I ll learn from my fear

And keep the fire burning inside me



 I thought I could live like a cactus without any water for days and soon realized you get kidney stones. Painful kidney stones. Pain is one of those moments where you start realizing how alone you are, and it takes you back to days when you could have chosen differently, things that may have been. 

Its good to have pain in the life to rethink.


Tin boxes

We breath the air from the open,

and crave for the waves of the ocean,
We love the birds who fly,

We still live in tin boxes each day passing by.
We fear the wild in the forest,

Ant think birds have weaker nests,

Even though we know its not the safest,

We still live in tin boxes.
We have lost the idea of freedom,

And closed our eyes of fear,

With all our near and dear,

We still live in tin boxes.