Where to, next?



Te Mata Peak

 Hawkes bay in New Zealand has one of the most stunning views in the world. Te Mata peak near Napier is one of them. The early morning sunrise frim the peak is simply breathtaking.

Even though my hands were freezing I couldn’t stop myself from clicking these photographs.

The place is so serene and that you recall all your life while sitting and viewing the beautiful landscape.

It has an interesting history to it too! Worth reading



Hello world!

Hello World! Really Hello World!

This isn’t any first computer programming code that generates Hello World (my computer friends would know this), but this is my hello to the whole world, to announce that I am coming to see you. Only to see you and realise how beautiful you are, and what I have been missing all this while.

Hello World

90 Mile Beach, New Zealand

That is the best part of being in New Zealand, even the most laziest creatures get active and start travelling. It is one of the most beautiful places to see around. The above picture should explain quite a lot of what I am saying. My idea of travelling was always to have a car with me live in hotels that burns a hole in the pocket. But I met a few travellers during my visit to New Zealand which changed my idea of travelling. Now I am a back packer who travels via public transport, does couch surfing, hitch hikes, stays at hostels and loves hanging my camera around my neck all the time. This doesn’t stop here, I plan to do more that defines me as a traveller and enjoy this world as a lot of other fellow travellers are doing.

When it all started, I was visiting with a lavish spend of more than 500$+. Crazy stupid idea to spend this money on a trip of just 3 days. I wish I could have been smarter earlier. I met some people on the way which made me feel I was really stupid in spending so much money on something that was possible even without spending no money. The world is a free place to see, we spend money for our luxury not for us to see the world. We could have luxury at home why go out for that. If one of my fellow travellers is reading this, who spends a lot of money on travels, then change it. It is more fun travelling without the money :).

This blog is my story, story of my travels, story of my life. I am the Local Foreigner.