Unplanned – part 1

It was another long weekend, and there was nothing to do other than see New Zealand. Someone had just mentioned that the coromandel peninsula in New Zealand is worth a visit. Then and there it was decided that we would hire a car and travel around Coromandel. Me and my friend got a long list of places to be visited, but we were  not sure which ones to visit with the time left in hand. In the rush of hiring a car and deciding which places to visit we missed booking accommodations, and always thought we could sleep in the car itself if nothing was available. That was the adventure in itself, as I had never travelled before without booking / planning the whole trip. This was going to be a surprise.

On the way while driving we were so hungry that we started looking for cafe’s / restaurants that could serve us some breakfast. But to our surprise it was so hard to find even a single place where we could stop and eat. We finally found a very strange cafe with the name as Bugger Cafe. This cafe had strange pictures of all bugger moments in people’s lives, broken bats and broken tennis rackets hanging on the walls, as art pieces. We were hoping the food wasn’t a bugger. But luckily it was good. Strangely the staff was very friendly, and one of them even told us that sorry we can’t offer you wi-fi here as we are at such a location where we don’t get any network :). What a Bugger.

Bugger Cafe - On the way to Coromandel

Bugger Cafe – On the way to Coromandel

After the heavy breakfast, we headed off to the Coromandel and thought of getting down at the Waihi beach and seeing the gold diggers place around it. Waihi turned out to be very beautiful, compared to what we had thought of. Even though it was very windy, it was worth a stop. Very scenic long beach, It was one of the very beautiful beaches I had seen after visiting New Zealand, but surprisingly very less populated. I was surprised with the very few people who were there at the beach. Either it was a wrong day or we were at an alien beach never visited by people :). We spent so much time there that we had to drop the idea of visiting the gold diggers park.

Waihi Beach

Waihi beach New Zealand

We were so confused on where to go ahead that is when my friend got a call from his friend who mentioned that you got to be visiting Mt. Mangonui before heading off to Cormandel, we then decided to visit that place. Funny thing about travelling without any planning is that you can change plans as often as possible.

To be continued ……