Growing Up…

A lot changes as we grow up, I believe the 3 windows in the image (left to right) is the perfect example of what happens in each stage of our lives.

Left – Young lives we are either outside or always at home, windows are not the thing we look for.

Centre – We grow older and start settling down on windows with the urge to go out but our responsibilities keep us at the windows.

Right – We are too old to even think about peeping out.

Enjoy till you are on the first window 🙂

GrowingUP - Left to Right

Growing Up



 I thought I could live like a cactus without any water for days and soon realized you get kidney stones. Painful kidney stones. Pain is one of those moments where you start realizing how alone you are, and it takes you back to days when you could have chosen differently, things that may have been. 

Its good to have pain in the life to rethink.


Diwali celebration 

 It was a great celebration of the victory over evil, in a Maori land by followers of Ram. Its true globalisation when the main street in a city in New Zealand is blocked for celebrating an Indian festival, and you see people from different cultures part taking in it. Its worth being part of the melting pot during the diwali celebrations in Auckland.

Diwali celebration @ Auckland

 Auckland Diwali festival