Photography Competition


I am participating in the “New Zealand Great outdoors photography competition”, organized by auckland museum. Below is the link to the photograph I submitted. First one in the list with the name McKenzie Bay. Please vote for me. Please do participate too, if you are interested.


Tin boxes

We breath the air from the open,

and crave for the waves of the ocean,
We love the birds who fly,

We still live in tin boxes each day passing by.
We fear the wild in the forest,

Ant think birds have weaker nests,

Even though we know its not the safest,

We still live in tin boxes.
We have lost the idea of freedom,

And closed our eyes of fear,

With all our near and dear,

We still live in tin boxes.


Standing tall

In times of hope and dispair,
                       In times when life isn’t fair,

In times of calmness and storm,

                       In times when days are long,

I withstand all,

                      Coz I was made for standing tall

ANZ Building – Queen street